Meister AI: Writing Assistant

Who can use this feature?

👤 All administrators and members
🚩 Available on all plans. Please note, the plans have the following usage allowance:
      - Basic teams: 20 prompts / month
      - Pro teams: 75 prompts / month
      - Business teams: 350 prompts / month
      A prompt is a message that you use to get a response from Meister's AI. It might be a question, statement, or command.

Who can disable this feature?

👤 Only team administrators
🚩 Available on Business plans

Meister's generative AI aid is a personal assistant designed to improve your writing, summarize and extend content, or create new paragraphs in your Notes.

What Can the Writing Assistant do?

With Meister AI’s Writing Assistant, you can:

  • Compose: Write a prompt and receive a draft in Notes in seconds.
  • Rewrite: Generate new versions of your writing tailored for tone, clarity, or length.
  • Personalize Your Voice: Change the tone of your writing.
  • Reply: Generate email replies using context from received emails.
  • Ideate: Generate outlines or draft ideas from a prompt.

Create New Writing With the Writing Assistant

There are several types of content you can easily create with AI. Enter a prompt and AI can create your first draft instantly. To do this:

  1. Open a new or existing page in Notes.
  2. Select the ✨icon from the left sidebar.
  3. Type in your prompt. You can select an existing option and fill out the rest yourself, or write your own prompt.
  4. Press Enter.
  5. The output will be generated in the right sidebar. When it has stopped generating the output, you can select:
    - Replace
    - Insert below
    - Copy
    - or follow up with additional prompts to refine the output.

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Use the trash icon to delete the existing thread when you want to ask an unrelated question. This will improve the quality of your new results.

Edit Existing Content With the Writing Assistant

Meister AI can be used to quickly improve your writing by finding typos, simplifying language, and more. When you access AI through the right sidebar, it automatically considers the context of the entire page.

To focus on a specific section of text rather than the entire page:

  1. Highlight specific text on a page.
  2. Select the ✨icon from the floating menu.
  3. Select one of the many options, for example:
    - Improve writing
    - Summarize
    - Make longer
    - Fix spelling and grammar
  4. The output will be generated in the right sidebar. When it has stopped generating new output, you can select from:
    - Replace
    - Insert below
    - Copy
    - or follow up with additional prompts.

HC Meister AI Writing Assistant _20240628.png

Where Can I Find the Meister AI Writing Assistant?

The Meister AI Writing Assistant is accessible within the Notes section of MeisterTask. Please note, it is currently only available on the desktop app, which you can use in any browser. This feature is not available on the iOS or Android MeisterTask apps.

How Many Generative AI Prompts Do I Have?

Meister AI provides generative AI assistance through prompts.

A prompt is a message that you use to get a response or action from Meister's AI. It could be a question, statement, or command. Whether it's something you type in or a suggested action like "Improve it," each use counts as one of your allotted prompts. Prompts can range from a few words to multiple paragraphs.

Is there an AI limit?

Here's how many prompts each plan and team gets per month:

  • Basic teams: 20 prompts / month
  • Pro teams: 75 prompts / month
  • Business teams: 350 prompts / month

The number of available prompts will be automatically refilled at the beginning of each month.


- Be aware that the prompt allowance is team based. This means that the number of prompts is shared with the rest of your team. Therefore, it’s possible for a single team member to use up all of your team’s allocated prompts.
- Keep in mind that the prompts you or your team members use with Ask Meister AI also count towards your monthly allowance.

How Many Prompts Do I Have Left?

Currently, it is not possible to check the number of prompts you have left.

The AI Writing Assistant will indicate when all available Meister AI Prompts have been used up.

How Do I Disable AI Features for My Team?

AI features can only be turned off by users on a Business plan. If you are part of a team, only team admins on a Business plan can disable AI features.

If you have a Basic or Pro plan and want to turn off AI features, you need to upgrade to the Business plan.

Business team admins can restrict their team from accessing certain advanced features in MeisterTask and Notes, including features which make use of machine learning models.

To set these restrictions:

  1. Visit the team settings page (only available to team administrators).
  2. Select the Permissions tab.
  3. Scroll down to MeisterTask Restrictions and select Edit.
  4. Uncheck the boxes next to the features you'd like to disable.
  5. Click Save changes.

Troubleshooting: I can't use Meister’s Generative AI features anymore

Please note that the Writing Assistant and Ask Meister AI features have usage limits. Each team is allocated a certain number of prompts. If you or your team members have reached this limit, you will need to wait until the beginning of the next month for the prompt allowance to reset. The number of available prompts is automatically refilled at the start of each month.

You can always upgrade to the Pro or Business plan to receive additional prompts.

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