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These features are available to all users

The dashboard is your “home screen” in Note. From here, you can access all of your notes and toggle between Active, Archived and Deleted Notes. You can also view favorite and recently-viewed notes, as well as your notifications. 

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Sort and Find Notes in the Left Sidebar

Use the left sidebar to quickly access all the notes which have been shared with you.

  1. Toggle between Archived and Deleted by clicking the ellipsis (...) next to My Notes.
  2. Use the search field to quickly navigate between notes.
  3. Your Private notes are now marked with a 🔒 for easy identification.



To hide/show your notes, click the expand arrows next to any section header.

View Your Recent Notes

The center of the dashboard contains your most recently visited notes:

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Adjust Options and Search for Notes in the Top-Right Menu

Use the icons in the top-right corner of the interface to search for notes and adjust your account settings.


  1. User Avatar. Opens a menu that allows you to:
        • Change your account settings.
        • Change Note preferences.
        • Change your team settings (if you are part of a team).
        • Log out of Note. 
        • Change to a different tool in the Meister Suite. 

  2. Notifications. Shows you an overview of received notifications.
  3. Help. Opens the Note Help Center. 
  4. Search. Opens the search function.

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