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Add comments to your notes to communicate with your team members and share feedback on your organization's documentation.

What are Comments?

Comments offer a way for team members to exchange ideas without directly editing shared documentation. Use comments to communicate with others, share feedback and alert other team members to important information by mentioning them.

Content blocks which include comments are marked with an icon in the right sidebar which shows the number of comments/threads currently active on this block. Click this icon to toggle between showing/hiding comments.

Discussions and Threads

If you and your teammates post multiple comments to a single content block, they will be organized into discussion threads. See below to learn more about showing/hiding discussions in your notes.

Show/Hide Comments

Content blocks which include comments are marked with an icon on the right-hand side of the block. You can show or hide comments and discussions by clicking this icon.


The number next to the comments icon shows the number of open discussions on this content block. Click on any discussion thread to see all replies.

Add Comments to a Note

You can add comments to entire content blocks or to specific segments of text by clicking the comment icon.

To comment on an entire content block:


  1. Hover your mouse over the block you wish to comment on.
  2. Click the comment icon in the right-hand column to open comments. 
  3. Type in your new comment and press ENTER.


To comment on a specific segment of text:


  1. Highlight the text you wish to comment on.
  2. Click the comment icon in the pop-up context menu.


Reply to Team Members' Comments and Start Discussions

If your teammates have left multiple comments on a single block, they will be organized into discussion threads. Reply to your teammate's comments by adding to discussion threads. To do this:


  1. Highlight any piece of text in a content block which already contains a comment.
  2. Select the comment icon from the pop-up menu.
  3. Select the discussion you'd like to contribute to.
  4. Type your comment and press ENTER.

Resolve and Close Comments and Discussions

Once you're satisfied that a comment or discussion thread has been successfully resolved, you can close the discussion and remove it from your note. To do this:


  1. Open a discussion or comment.
  2. Click Resolve.


The entire comment thread is now permanently deleted from your note.

Use Mentions in Comments

Use the @ key to mention other team members in a comment. The mentioned user will receive a notification and be alerted to your message. To mention another user:


  1. Create a new comment (see above) or add to an existing discussion.
  2. Type @, then select the user you'd like to mention from the drop-down menu.
  3. Press ENTER.


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