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By adding different styles of content blocks, you can quickly create beautiful and well-organized notes with just a few keystrokes. Press / in the note editor to quickly explore new content block styles or see below for a detailed list.

Organizational Content Blocks

Some content block styles can be used to organize your notes. In the screenshot below, for example, headers and lists are used to give a note structure and form. A line separator block is used to separate sections.


The following table shows a full list of organizational content blocks:

Block Type



Add plain text to your note.

To-do List

Create a checklist of items. Toggle between “done” and “to-do” by clicking the icons next to each list item. Hit enter to add a new item.

Bullet List

Create a bullet-point list of items. Press ENTER to create a new bullet point.

Numbered List

Create a numbered list of items. Press ENTER to move to the next number in the list.

Heading H1/H2/H3/H4/H5

Format text as titles or subtitles.

Line separator

Add a horizontal line into your notes to separate sections.


Pre-Formatted Textblocks

Some content blocks create pre-formatted textblocks with a background color and icon. Choose from Info-boxes, tips, warnings, quotes, or customize your own block.


Block Type



Creates a pre-formatted textbox (auto-formatted in blue with an (i) icon).


Creates a textbox (auto-formatted in yellow with a warning triangle icon).


Creates a textbox (auto-formatted in gray with a lightbulb icon).


Creates a textbox (auto-formatted in blue with a quote icon).


Customize a new textbox by choosing a background color and icon.



You can edit the icon and color of any textbox by clicking the box's icon.

Integrations and Embedded Media Blocks

Content blocks can also be used to attach files, embed media or connect your note to MindMeister or MeisterTask. Use the links in the table below to visit our dedicated articles for each content block.


Attach an image, video or audio file to your note. 


Embed external media in your note.

Mind Map

Insert a mind map from MindMeister into your note.

Add Task

Create or link to a task in MeisterTask.



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