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The MeisterNote Note Editor is divided into four separate parts: the note header, the note body, and the left and right sidebars. 



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Explore the Note Header

The note header includes your note's title, cover and icon. From the note header, you can:


  1. Add/Change your note's cover Image.
  2. Add/Change your note's icon
  3. Add or change your note's title




Navigate Notes and Workspaces in the Left Sidebar

The left sidebar of your note allows you to navigate between your notes and workspaces. From the left sidebar, you can:


  1. Navigate to the dashboard by clicking the MeisterNote icon.
  2. Search for notes or content within them. 
  3. Add a new note by selecting the plus icon (+).


  4. Navigate between workspaces with the workspace switcher.
  5. Access binned, archived or active notes with the note header.
  6. View all shared workspaces and notes in the note list.



Use Advanced Options in the Right Sidebar

The right sidebar of your note allows you to access advanced options, including your account information, the help center, tasks in MeisterTask, and note properties.



  1. Access MeisterNote preferences and account settings by clicking your user avatar.
  2. Access the help center by clicking the question mark icon.
  3. View all linked tasks included in your note by clicking the task icon.
  4. Access basic information about your note, including who created it, when it was created, and a table of contents by selecting the info (i) icon.
  5. Click the More options (...) button to create a new note or delete the current one.


  6. Create a presentation from your note by clicking the slideshow icon (below).
  7. Print your note (or export to a pdf) by selecting the print icon (below.)



Edit Content in the Note Body

The body of your note contains all options related to creating, editing and deleting content blocks. From the note body, you can:


  1. Add a content block Block by clicking the plus (+) icon.
  2. Change and move a content block with the grip icon (::).
  3. Leave a comment on a content block and communicate with other users.
  4. Convert the selected block into a task in MeisterTask (or link the block to an existing task).



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