Add Mind Maps to Your Notes

This feature is available to all users

Embed mind maps created in MindMeister to share ideas and thoughts visually within your notes.

What is MindMeister?

MindMeister is an online mind mapping tool that allows users to capture, develop and share ideas visually. Adding mind maps to your notes allows you to share brainstormed ideas in an easily navigable and visual format. 

In order to add a mind map to your note, you'll need to be logged in to both MindMeister and MeisterTask (with the same account). Users of MindMeister Basic can create and store three mind maps completely free of charge.


Visit the MindMeister homepage to find out more and start brainstorming!

Add a Mind Map to Your Note

Once you've created a mind map in MindMeister, you can add it to your note as a content block.


  1. Hover your mouse over the body of your note and click the plus sign (+) to create a new content block.
  2. Select Mind Map from the drop-down menu.
  3. Select the mind map you'd like to add to your note.
  4. Click Select map to insert your mind map.

Keyboard Shortcuts

You can also quickly add a mind map content block by typing /mindmap into your content block.

More keyboard shortcuts.

Navigate Your Mind Map in Note

Once you've inserted a mind map into your note, you can navigate and scroll through your map directly in Note. 


  1. To navigate around your mind map, click and drag anywhere in the map viewer. 
  2. To zoom in or out, click the or located in the top-left corner of the map viewer.
  3. To view your map in full screen mode, click the expand arrow in the lower-right corner of the map viewer.


Click the link in the bottom-left corner of the map viewer to open your mind map and edit it directly in MindMeister. All changes will be updated to Note in real time. 

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