Create a Team and Manage Your Team Members

This feature is available to Pro and Business users

Forming a team in MeisterNote allows you and your colleagues to work collaboratively and manage your organization's notes and workspaces in real-time.

This article describes how to create a MeisterNote team and invite or remove users. To learn how to manage your team's licenses, visit our dedicated article here.

If you've already formed a team in MindMeister or MeisterTask and would like to purchase MeisterNote licenses for your team, visit our dedicated article here.



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What is a MeisterNote Team?

Before you can collaborate with your colleagues in MeisterNote, you'll need to form a team. Forming a team will allow you and your colleagues to:


  • Create and manage notes collaboratively in real time
  • Share workspaces and documentation across your entire organization
  • Manage team members' access and editing privileges by assigning roles and permissions (Business users only)
  • Manage your team's licenses and billing information (Business users only)


All of your team's licenses must be purchased from the same admin account. Users who already have their own Pro or Business subscription to MeisterNote will first have to downgrade to a basic account in order to join your team.



Create a Team

To form your MeisterNote team, you'll first need to purchase licenses for your colleagues. All of your team's licenses must be purchased from the same account. To do this:


    1. Visit
    2. Click Buy Now to purchase Pro licenses or click Contact to reach out to our sales team to purchase Business licenses.

      Be sure to purchase enough licenses for your team!

      If you purchase fewer licenses than you have team members, not every team member will be able to use MeisterNote. In these cases, you'll need to choose which members to disable. Find out more here.

    3. If you've purchased pro licenses, enter your billing address and payment information.
    4. Click Complete Order.


Once you've purchased licenses and created your team, you can invite colleagues and manage your team from the accounts page. See below to learn more.



Add Team Members

Once you've purchased licenses and created your team, you can visit the accounts page to invite colleagues to join your team. To do this:


  1. Click your user avatar in the top-right corner of the MeisterNote interface.
  2. Select Account to access the accounts page.
  3. Click My Team on the left side of the accounts page.

  4. Click Invite User to enter your colleague's email address and send an invitation.

  5. Click Copy at the bottom of the page to copy an invitation link which you can send to your colleagues.

Invite Multiple Users at Once

Administrators of large teams can instantly invite multiple team members at once by importing a properly formatted CSV file to MindMeister. Read this article to find out how.


Users who already have their own paid subscription to MeisterNote CANNOT join your team.


If one of your colleagues already has a Pro or Business License, they will first have to downgrade to a basic account in order to accept your invitation.


Disable or Remove Team Members

Once your colleagues have accepted your invitation and been added to your team, they will be listed in the My Team section of the accounts page. From here, team administrators can edit, disable or remove team members. To do this:


  1. Hover your mouse over a team member's name.
  2. Click the more options (...) icon which appears to the right of your team member's name.
  3. Select an option from the drop-down menu:

  • Select Edit to change a team member's name, email address or password.
  • Select Disable to temporarily freeze a team member's use of a specific product and free up one of your licenses. Disabling a user will not remove them from your team.
  • Select Make Admin to assign administrator status to a team member (Only available for Business users).
  • Select Remove from team to permanently remove a colleague from your team. This will also free up any licenses used by the removed team member.



Adjust Team Security Settings

You can adjust team security options from the Settings section of the My Team page. To learn more about adjusting your team's security settings, visit our dedicated help center article here.



What If My Team Is Under-licensed?

If your team owns fewer licenses than it has team members (i.e. if you have 10 team members but only own 9 licenses), unlicensed users will not be able to use the product. The best way to remedy this issue is to purchase more licenses.


Otherwise, you'll need to make a decision as to which team members should be disabled. Disabling a team member from using a specific Meister product will free up one of your licenses, which you can then assign to another user. To learn how to disable users, click here.



Still having trouble?

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