Create a New Private or Shared Workspace

All users can create a private workspace.

Only members of a MeisterNote team can create a shared workspace.

In MeisterNote, all of your notes are stored in workspaces accessible in the left sidebar. Create a private workspace to store your personal notes. Create a shared workspace to invite your teammates and collaborate in real time.



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Create a Private Workspace

You can create a new workspace from the dashboard or from the note editor. By default, newly created workspaces are private. You can add other team members to your workspace at any time to share your notes.


To create a new workspace from the dashboard:


  1. Click the + button in the top-left corner of the dashboard.
  2. Select New Workspace.
  3. Give your workspace a title and description.
  4. Click Create Workspace to confirm. The newly-created workspace will then appear on your dashboard.



To create a new private workspace from the note editor:


  1. Click the ellipsis (...) next to the name of the current workspace on the workspace switcher.
  2. Select New Workspace.
  3. Enter a title and description for your workspace.
  4. Click Create Workspace to confirm. You will be taken to the workspace directly. The newly-created workspace will also appear on your dashboard.



Create a Shared Workspace

MeisterNote Teams

In order to share your workspaces, you'll need to be a part of a MeisterNote Team. To learn more about creating and managing a MeisterNote team, visit our dedicated article here.


Add team members while creating a new workspace to share your notes and immediately grant your team members access privileges. To create a shared workspace:


  1. Create a new workspace using one of the two methods outlined above (Click the + button on the dashboard or click the ellipsis (...) on the workspace switcher).
  2. Enter a title and description for your new workspace.
  3. Begin entering a team member's name, then click their avatar as soon as it appears. Repeat this step for each team member you'd like to invite.

  4. Click your team name to invite your entire team at once!
  5. Click Add as member to choose a role for the colleagues you're inviting to your note.
  6. Click Create Workspace.

    Roles and Permissions

    Each role (administrator/member, viewer, etc.) comes with its own set of access/editing privileges. To learn more about roles and permissions in MeisterNote, visit our dedicated article here.


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