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This features described in this article are available to Pro users

MeisterNote Pro is a plan created specifically for collaborative teams who work together to create beautiful, well-organized and effective knowledge bases. Read on to learn more about the features included in the MeisterNote Pro plan.



Features Included in MeisterNote Pro: 



Unlimited Workspaces

In MeisterNote Pro, you can created an unlimited number of workspaces to organize your notes. Create workspace groups to further classify your workspaces by department, project or any other category that suits your organization's needs.



30-Day Version History

Track changes made to your notes within the last 30 days, restore older revisions and analyze your team's progress over time.




Collaborate in real-time with Team Members

MeisterNote Pro users can form a team to work collaboratively with colleagues and manage their organization's notes and workspaces in real-time. 


Forming a team will allow you and your colleagues to:


  • Create and manage notes collaboratively in real time
  • Share workspaces and documentation across your entire organization


To learn more about creating and managing a MeisterNote team, visit our dedicated help center article here.



Duplicate Notes & Sub-Notes

Duplicating a note or sub-note allows you to create a new copy of any note. Duplicate your most useful notes to create templates which can be reused again and again.



Unlimited Note Templates

MeisterNote Pro users can store an unlimited amount of customized note templates, allowing them to quickly create beautiful notes from pre-defined formats. Use note templates to save time and bring systematic organization to your workspaces.


To learn more about using note templates, visit out dedicated article here.





Up to 200 MB Attachments

Upload attachments or embed media of up to 200 MB to your notes. Include essential information and make your notes more visually exciting with videos, slide shows, presentations, mind maps and more.




Customizable Note Covers

MeisterNote Pro users can customize their's notes cover image  by uploading their own image file or searching Unsplash for a cover which brings their note to life.





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