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These features can be used by Business users

MeisterNote Business is designed specifically for large, diverse teams which
create and share confidential documentation that requires added security. Continue reading to learn more about the features included in MeisterNote Business.

Unlimited Version History

MeisterNote Business users have unlimited access to previous versions of their notes. Track changes made to your notes, restore older revisions and analyze your team's progress over time.


Custom Cover Images and Icons

Make every note a masterpiece with customized cover images and icons. Upload your own image file or search Unsplash for a cover and icon which bring your note to life.

To learn more about customizing your note's appearance, visit our dedicated article here.



MeisterNote Business users can store an unlimited number of customized templates, allowing them to quickly create beautiful pages from pre-defined formats. Use templates to save time and bring systematic organization to your notes and pages.

To learn more about using templates, visit our dedicated article here.mceclip0.png

Duplicate Pages and Sub-Pages

Duplicating a page allows you to create a new copy of any page. Duplicate your most useful pages to create templates which can be used again and again. Business users can duplicate pages and their sub-pages.

Admin Tools and Advanced Security Options

MeisterTask Business users can access a wide variety of administrative tools to manage collaboration within large, diverse teams. Team administrators can adjust security settings for their organization and restrict certain features for their team members.

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Roles & Permissions

MeisterNote Business users can assign different roles to team members and restrict their ability to modify notes and pages. By setting appropriate roles and permissions for your MeisterNote notes, you can collaborate effectively and ensure that sensitive data is kept safe and secure.

To learn more about roles & permissions in MeisterNote, visit our dedicated article here.

Account Management

All MeisterNote Business users receive personalized assistance from a dedicated account manager. Enjoy personalized onboarding sessions for you and your teammates and work with your account manager to easily access and manage the licensing and billing of your entire team.

SAML and Single Sign-On

MeisterNote Business users can use SAML and Single Sign-On to easily access documentation while keeping their notes safe and secure. Choose from a variety of options and connect with the SAML identity provider of your choice. 

Priority Support

Find the answer to any question quickly: via email or phone. Our dedicated support staff prioritizes requests from MeisterNote Business users and even provides phone support if needed. 

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