Add MeisterNote to Your MindMeister or MeisterTask Team

This feature is available to all users

Administrators of a MeisterTask or MindMeister team can easily add a subscription to MeisterNote directly from the MeisterNote homepage.



To Add MeisterNote to Your Team's Meister Account:


  1. Sign in to your team administrator account on MindMeister or MeisterTask.
  2. Visit
  3. Click Sign-up.
  4. Read Meister's Terms and Privacy Policy, then check the box to agree.
  5. Select Continue.

  6. That's it! Every user in your team should now have access to the basic version of MeisterNote. If you'd like to upgrade to a MeisterNote pro or business subscription, visit our dedicated article here.



Still having trouble?

Reach out to MeisterNote Support for help!