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The features shown in this article and video are available to all users

Once you've explored the MeisterNote dashboard and learned the basics, it's time to get started and create your first note. Read on to learn how. 

Create a New Note

To create a new note from the dashboard:


  1. Click + Create new at the top of the interface.
  2. Select New Note.

    New note.png

  3. Add a title and click Create Note.
  4. In the new note pop-up window, you can also:

    • Enter the names of collaborators to add them to the note you are creating. Simply type a name and press Enter.
    • Select the role you'd like to give collaborators by clicking Add as and choosing from Admin, Member, Commenter, Viewer. (Note - only Business users can change roles and permissions).
    • Edit or remove the note icon by clicking on the paper icon to the right of the title.
Creating Notes and Pages

To learn more about creating notes and pages, visit our dedicated article here.

Customize Your Note With an Icon and Cover

You can personalize the appearance of your note by adding a note cover and icon. 

To learn more about customizing your note's appearance, check out our dedicated article here.

icon and cover.png

Add Content to Your New Note

MeisterNote isn't like a traditional word processing software. In MeisterNote, your content is split into blocks, which can be formatted depending on the type of content you want to create.

To learn more about adding content blocks to your notes, visit our dedicated article here.

content block types.png

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