Note Best Practices: Creating Stunning Notes Quickly

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In this best practices article, we'll share how you can use Note to make
stunning documents quickly. Read on to find out how structuring, decorating and substantiating your notes really can be as easy as one, two, three.

Getting to Grips with Content Blocks

In Note, you can choose between 16+ content blocks - these are chunks of text which are formatted differently depending on the block you insert. Once you’ve mastered the content blocks, there’ll be no stopping you in creating something beautiful with ease. Let’s take a look at some of the ways you can use the different styles.

Our advice for text types:


  • These content blocks are great for giving your notes structure: use them to split up your document clearly and make information easier to read
  • The headings are also really important for making presentations because headings create new slides. Keep this in mind when preparing to present so that you can organize your presentation accordingly. 
  • Access H4 and H5 headings by editing pre-existing headings. 

Top tips for top lists:


  • Use the list content blocks to write information in a more digestible format
  • Add to-do lists to make a checklist of potential tasks while writing a project plan. Take this a step further and assign checklist items to your colleagues directly from within Note.
  • We also love using lists for step-by-step guides or information involving longer processes. For example, if you’re using Note for your company handbook, you’ll need to include a whole load of information on important processes - try using an ordered list to make instructions clearer.

A few tricks for adding boxes:


  • Boxes add color and icons to your words. 
  • We recommend using the quote and info boxes in formal pieces - they can add a sense of legitimacy to the information you’re sharing. 
  • Insert tip and warning boxes to draw attention to especially important information.
  • Boxes are flexible: they can add either an air of professionalism or one of informality, depending on how you use them.

The final touch:


Enhancing Notes with Embeds and Attachments

Embedding external media and attaching files allows you to create documents that do so much more than share black and white text. With embeds and attachments, you can: 


  • Make your document more engaging and effective in passing on information by adding visual elements to your writing
  • Create a single source of truth by incorporating information from various sources in one document
  • Improve communication and increase clarity by displaying information in a visible format
  • Increase utility by ensuring nobody has to open external files or download extra documents

Attach image, video or sound files and embed from an extensive list of services including Giphy, Google Sheets, Spotify, Typeform and Youtube.


Imagine you’re using Note to share a document about your annual team event. You’ve already structured your presentation with different headings and decorated it with tip, quote and icon boxes, but what else can you do?

Begin with a few images and videos from previous team events to set the right tone. After using text blocks and lists to highlight important information, embed a Google Map to show the location of the venue and where it lies in relation to the office. Finish up with an embedded Typeform survey and invite your colleagues to fill in their preferred start times, so you can be as accommodating as possible.  

Saving Time with Shortcuts

Don’t sacrifice beauty for efficiency. Getting your head around Note's <keyboard shortcuts> might sound boring, but in the long run it’ll save you a lot of time. You can use shortcuts for formatting text and to insert your favorite content blocks quickly. Simply: 


  1. Type / (slash) to immediately see all the content block options available to you.
  2. Start typing your desired content block and click Enter when it appears to immediately add it to your note. 


Try bringing together these key steps and you really will be able to make stunning notes in one, two, three.

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