What's New in MeisterNote?

This update is available to all users.

On October 15th, 2022, we implemented a major update to MeisterNote. Read on to learn how this update improves navigation and makes MeisterNote even more intuitive.

Workspaces are Now Notes

As part of this update, your team's workspaces have been converted to notes. This means that:

  • All of your team's information is now organized into a simple structure of notes and sub-notes.
    You'll no longer need to navigate between workspaces to find notes  — easily switch between all your notes (both private and shared) in the left sidebar.

  • Top-level notes can now be shared with colleagues.
    This replaces workplace sharing. To collaborate with other team members, simply invite them to a top-level note (sub-notes cannot be shared without sharing the note that contains them).

  • All your notes and sub-notes can be accessed at any time in the left sidebar (see below).
    Whether on your dashboard or within a note, the new sidebar keeps the information you need at hand.


Improved Sidebar

Along with its sleek new design, the new sidebar streamlines navigation between your notes and sub-notes — You can now navigate within notes or backtrack to visit other notes using a single interface:


Additional Features:


  1. Toggle between Archived and deleted by clicking the ellipsis (...) next to My Notes.
  2. Use the search field to quickly navigate between notes.
  3. Your Private notes are now marked with a 🔒 for easy identification.


Redesigned Dashboard

The MeisterNote dashboard has been completely redesigned to show your most recent notes and notifications:


Breadcrumb Trails Within Notes

Use MeisterNote's new breadcrumb trails to easily navigate between sub-notes with multiple levels:


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